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Awesome things to do in Binnaway

There’s plenty of things to do in Binnaway whether you’re coming to the local area as an individual or you’re bringing along your family or a group of people. If you like outdoor activities or a host of indoor activities, you have a lot of options when coming to the Binnaway area. You can start the day out with a journey to the outback with OutBackPackers, a family-oriented tour of the wildlands surrounding the local area.

Witness wildlife and see the outback firsthand as the sun comes up. Visit Peppermint Tree Cottage crafts to get a look at one of the best arts and crafts programs in the country. If you’re fixing to get away from it all, check out the Self Drive Geology and Nature Trails on Yarran Street. Take a ride along volcanic fields, fertile wildflower meadows, and evidence of early geological activity in Australia. It’s great for all ages!

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